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Water treatment is any procedure that improves the nature of water to make it progressively commendable for a specific end-use. We can give you altered water the executives frameworks focusing on particular execution, consistence with process and environmental necessities and long haul cost adequacy.

Water Treatment Plant

The quality of fresh water provided by local bodies or bore well water may satisfy nearby guidelines, yet it probably won't meet the prerequisite of organization and business industry. Normal faucet water or bore well water can contain absolute hardness, disintegrated metals, including lead and iron. It may contain nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts which can legitimately influence the exhibition of hardware introduced in utility zone of any business premise like lodgings, medical clinics, multiplex, shopping centers, retail outlets, restaurants, school & colleges and their boarding offices and so on. Water quality for cooling and drinking application is a significant issue with all kind of establishment and business industry which consistently request delicate water to play out their HVAC framework at low vitality and high cooling level without scale development on their warmth exchanges and low TDS water for drinking and kitchen use. Scale development in pipeline and sterile product is likewise one of the significant worries in this segment which additionally add to the upkeep of property.
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With the requirement for mineral water in bottled containers increasing at a tremendous pace because of consumerism, it is said to have led to great market for RO plant manufacturer in Chennai like Pervel. This company boasts of having the right expertise, experience and exposure in the domain, combined with the best resources, skill and knowledge that is required to come out with the best possible solutions and to meet specific client requirements from time to time. It also boasts of having different types of equipment that is required to carry on its activities to provide fresh and pure bottled water to consumers. We are giving quality ensured Reverse Osmosis System that is arranged using advance latest strategies, which fuse legitimate checking and other equipment. Our plants are moved toward bleeding edge subtleties and include RO film cleaners, scale inhibitors and antiscalants, utilization inhibitors, biocides, de-chlorinators and flocculants.
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Effluent Treatment plant is utilized for Treating waste Water turning out from various assembling process, where new water interacts with various sorts of synthetic substances and materials utilized for Processing the crude materials and get changed over into the dirtied water. Untreated waste Water is dangerous for the earth and need to legitimate treatment before release. Pervel 's next generation Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is generally advance ,cost Effective & in fact demonstrated framework Suitable to treat the wastewater and convey superb water Quality reasonable for re use just as release. We attempt turnkey task of different businesses &capacities according to the customer's necessity.
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Sewage Treatment Plant

Expanding shortage of fresh water and environmental concerns drives wastewater reuse; an ever increasing number of structures are setting up sewage treatment plants for their needs.The green structure development likewise puts a stipend on water protection and reusing, alongside vitality reserve funds. Sewage is created by foundation and business foundations. It incorporates household waste liquid from toilets, showers, showers, kitchens, sinks, etc that is discarded by means of sewers.The target of sewage treatment is to deliver a dispensable effluent which can be utilized for different applications from cultivating to latrine flushing to vehicle and floor washing and lessen the new water utilization in building and establishments and sewage treatment plant
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DM Plant

Demineralization or Deionisation is the process of removing mineral salts from water by using the ion exchange process. Impurities that remains dissolved in water dissociate to form positive and negative charged particles known as ions. An ion-exchange vessel holds ion-exchange resin of the required type through which water is allowed to pass. The selective ions in the water are exchanged with ions or radicals loosely held by the resin. In this way, the water is passed through several vessels or a mixed bed vessel so that both positive and negative ions are removed and water is dematerialized.Pervel DM Plants are available in diameters from 0.225 Mts. to 4.0 Mts. with the flow rate sup to 250M3/Hr. and OBR up to 2200 M3@800 PPM TDS. These strong, pre-engineered, pre-assembled units minimize installation and start-up costs. Our D.M. Plant is acclaimed in the market for cost efficiency and consistent functioning.
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Swimming Pool

Today’s requirement for leisure, hotel, school or hydrotherapy pools are that apart from being attractive, the structure must be durable and the equipment designed to deal with the heaviest bathing loads. A high level of technology is necessary to accompany commercial pool installations – filtration, heat recovery systems for maximum operating efficiency, water features, wave machines, air handling systems and enhanced disinfection design. We, at pervel can offer a complete solution for variety of swimming pool, Jacuzzi and whirlpool bath tub combining various technologies of Filtration system, humidity control, pool water heating, fresh air ventilation and energy recovery system to provide luxury and comfort to end user. Apart from this At Pervel, different types of pool in various shapes and sizes are available, and customer can choose from low-cost pools, as well as high-end custom pools
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